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Process Mining 101 e-book

A comprehensive 51-page guide to Process Mining in Power BI, suited for newbies and veterans alike!

Which questions are answered?

✓ What is Process Mining? ✓ What tools are available? ✓ What can you do with them and what benefits do you get from them? ✓ How does Process Mining differ from other technologies and how can I combine them? ✓ What does “Process Mining in Power BI” mean and why is that important?

You want more information what to expect from this e-book? See the Table of contents.

Who is this e-book for?

Process Mining has value at every scale because it helps the people who run, manage, or measure processes. However, Process Mining has the greatest value:

✓ When applied to large-scale, high volume enterprise processes with clearly defined activities

✓ When it is applied to systems that generate some form of Event Log with timestamps

These types of processes are most commonly found in medium to large enterprises in areas such as

  • Automation
  • Rework
  • Payment Terms
  • Governance Controls
  • Quality Controls
Compliance & Audit
  • Operational Compliance
  • Operational Audit
Finance & Accounting
  • Late Payments
  • Cash Discounts
  • Optimum Payment Time
  • Avoidance of Payment Blocks
  • Delivery Capability
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Sourcing Delivery Reliability
  • Value Stream Analytics
  • Throughput Time
  • Inventories and Working Capital
  • Ticket Handling
  • Spare Part Delivery
  • Service Performance
  • Automation
  • Rework
  • O2C Digital FIT Rate
So if you are leading a process excellence project, are an executive, are leading an audit or consulting team, or simply are a process practitioner, this ebook is for you. But even if you come from a different background and are curious about Process Mining, it‘s worth reading on. The real power of Process Mining is its versatility.

As long as there is a process, you can use Process Mining to analyze it. So what are you waiting for?

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